Metric conversion chart

Metric Conversion

metric conversion

Or as they call it ‘Old Money’ & ‘New Money’

In the UK, timber is measured in both metric and imperial units. Our timber is sold in metric sizes, while our panels are manufactured in imperial widths* to maintain compatibility with concrete gravel boards.*Picket Fence are the only exception and measure at 1795mm wide (But can have added side battens to increase width to 1830 on request Extra cost will apply).

Below is a metric conversion table to help you understand the difference.

Imperial Length (feet)Exact metric length. (metres)Nearest metric length (metres)
2’0.61 m0.6 m
3’0.91 m0.9 m
4’1.22 m1.2 m
5’1.52 m1.5 m
6’1.83 m1.8 m
7’2.13 m2.1 m
8’2.44 m2.4 m
9’2.74 m2.7 m
10’3.05 m3.0 m
11’3.35 m3.3 m
12’3.66 m3.6 m
13’3.96 m3.9 m
14’4.27 m4.2 m
15’4.57 m4.5 m
16’4.88 m4.8 m
17’5.18 m5.1 m
18’5.49 m5.4 m
19’5.79 m5.7 m
20’6.10 m6.0 m