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These M10 carriage bolts (also known as coach bolts or cup square bolts) offer a strong and secure solution for wood-to-wood or wood-to-metal connections.

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Available in a range of lengths (75mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 200mm) to suit your project needs:

  • Strong Hold: The threaded shank provides a secure grip for structural applications.
  • Rotation Resistance: The unique square neck under the head prevents the bolt from spinning when tightened, ensuring a stable joint.
  • Easy Installation: The domed head allows for smooth driving and is compatible with a standard wrench or spanner.
  • Weather Resistance (Optional): Many carriage bolts come with a zinc plating for added protection against corrosion (ideal for outdoor use, check product specifications for details).


  • Timber framing (floors, walls, roofs)
  • Decks and pergolas
  • Gate and fence installation
  • Joinery projects
  • Metal to wood connections (with appropriate washers)

Choosing the Right Size:

  • Consider the thickness of the materials you’re joining. A longer bolt will provide better grip for thicker wood or when connecting wood to metal.
  • Project requirements will also dictate length. For example, a 75mm bolt might be suitable for non-structural applications, while a 200mm bolt is ideal for heavy-duty framing.

Get a secure and reliable connection for your wood projects with these M10 carriage bolts!

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