Firmahold Collated Nails


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Timco FirmaHold Collated Nails are designed for dependable fixing in internal framing and structural applications. Available in lengths of 50mm and 90mm

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These high-quality nails offer:

  • Strength and Penetration: A diamond point ensures easy driving and maximum penetration into wood.
  • Reduced Jams: Paper collation minimizes jamming for smooth operation and faster completion of your project.
  • Clipped Head Design: Allows for more nails per strip (typically 44 for 90mm) and quicker reloading of your nailer.
  • Reliable Performance: Compatible with 34° cordless and pneumatic clipped head first fix nailers.
  • Rust Protection: FirmaGalv finish provides protection against corrosion for long-lasting results (suitable for indoor applications).

Ideal for:

  • Internal framing applications
  • Timber and wood framing projects

Choose the right size:

  • 50mm: Perfect for lighter framing jobs where a shorter nail length is sufficient.
  • 90mm: Provides additional grip for sturdier structures and thicker wood.

Timco FirmaHold Collated Nails – The reliable choice for strong and efficient framing.

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