Thunder / Concrete Anchor Bolts


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Thunderbolt M8: The Reliable Powerhouse for Your Toughest Jobs (60mm – 150mm)

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Take on demanding projects with the unwavering strength of Thunderbolt M8! These high-performance coach screws are engineered to deliver exceptional holding power, making them the perfect choice for securing heavy-duty materials and building robust structures.

Available in a range of lengths (60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm) to suit your specific needs, Thunderbolt M8 boasts:

  • An impressive M8 thread diameter that provides a powerful grip for even the most challenging applications.
  • A coarse thread pattern that ensures smooth driving into wood, saving you time and effort.
  • A secure hex head for easy tightening with a wrench or socket, allowing for controlled application of force.
  • A full thread design that maximizes contact area between the screw and the material, delivering superior clamping strength.

Thunderbolt M8 is ideal for:

  • Heavy-duty construction projects like decks, sheds, and pergolas.
  • Securing fence posts, gates, and other outdoor structures that endure wind and weight.
  • Connecting beams, timbers, and other load-bearing wooden components.
  • Heavy-duty furniture assembly and repairs.
  • Any project requiring a strong, dependable fastening solution.

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